Laguna Clays are completely mixed, pugged and de-aired moist clay bodies.  The clay is packed in 50lb cartons, with two 25lb blocks of clay  in plastic bags per carton, ready for immediate use.  All of Laguna's moist clays are labeled in compliance with ASTM D-4235 and are certified NON-TOXIC.

Magnolia Pottery Supply Stocks these Clays From Laguna  Clay Co.
Special discounts to schools
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Click on the clay photo to review a detailed description, price and a large photo of the desired clay. Also there is a price list at the bottom of the page. Magnolia Pottery Supply has in stocks over 25 different clays.


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Clay Number and Name

WC-401 #B-Mix 5 Clay

 WC-401 (B Mix 5) Clay (Cone 5)

WC-606 #50 Clay

   WC-606 #50 Clay (Cone 6)

WC-607 #55 Clay

   WC-607 #55 Clay (Cone 6)

WC-608 #60 Clay

   WC-608 #60 Clay (Cone 6)

WC-613 #80 Clay

   WC-613 #80 Clay (Cone 6)


50 Pounds

250 Pounds

500 Pounds

1000 Pounds

2000 Pounds

44 per pound
$22.00 per box


Prices Subject to Change with out Notice.

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