Banding Straps

Straps fasten tight, with most
molds only needing one strap.


Mini straps are 1/2"wide and
 Regular straps are 1"wide
 1/2" wide Mini Banding Straps Price

  2' Mini Banding Strap (purple) $1.16


  3' Mini Banding Strap (yellow) $1.33


  4' Mini Banding Strap (green) $1.42  
1" wide Regular Banding Straps

  4' Regular Banding Strap (green) $1.53


  5' Regular Banding Strap (blue) $1.85  
  6' Regular Banding Strap (orange) $1.92  
  7' Regular Banding Strap (red) $1.99  
 8' Regular Banding Strap (pink) $2.09


Banding Straps
Threading Instructions: The white
side of belt in diagram is the side
that faces away from the mold. Gray
side is side that is against mold.
Follow diagram & snap buckle in place

Prices Subject to Change with out Notice

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