Mackie's Slip, properly described as CS01 Mackie's White Earthenware Ceramic Casting Slip manufactured by Mackie Newton Ceramics Inc., is a superior, premixed, earthenware (ceramic) slip with minimal shrinkage and extremely good greenware strength.  Mackie's Ceramic Slip complies with ASTM-D4236, and is rated NONTOXIC and is fully compatible with the nontoxic glazes available from Duncan, Gare and Spectrum.  Mackies Ceramic Slip is nearly pure white when properly fired to Cone 04 maturity and nearly matches Standard's 105 White Earthenware clay in color.  Mackie's Ceramic Slip should only be fired from Cone 04 to Cone 06 to insure compatibility with all major brands of glaze and underglazes. 

    Mackie's Ceramic Slip is packaged in 2 gallon boxes, premixed and ready for casting.  A single 2 gallon box of slip weighs approximately 30 lbs.  A full pallet of Mackie's Ceramic Slip is 80 boxes (160 gallons), and weighs 2450 pounds including the weight of the pallet. 

Prices are FOB Magnolia Pottery Supply warehouse in Vicksburg, MS.

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White Ceramic Slip



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